5G Interference on C-Band Satellite Dishes

5G Interference on C-Band Satellite Dishes

By now you would be well aware of 4G interference and how it can affect your digital TV reception.

But did you know that 5G can cause interference to C-Band Dishes and it’s already happening now in Australia.

The interference is occuring because the transmission for 5G is very close to the LNB frequency of the C-Band’s LNB currently used for receving Satellite transmissions from Overseas such as Asia TV, Greek TV etc …

There is currently available in Austraia an LNB with a built in 5G filter – however these start around the $600 mark, making them far too expensive for most households.

Another option available to those customers who want Italian, Greek or Arabic TV is mysat – a subscription service that uses the smaller KU Band dishes and set top boxes which are less likely to get interference through the 5G network.

Another option for clients is to utilise one of the many streaming service’s available. For this you will require an internet connection and potentially either a streaming box from the service providers – or a connection from your device ie. Laptop, Phone or Tablet to your TV.

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