The new “FREE” Streaming Service – Tubi

Grab your popcorn Australia – there is a new streaming service which was launched on the 1st September – and it’s FREE!

According to “Broadsheet” the new service Tubi will be available via Telstra TV, Tubi.TV, Apple TV and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV along with most internet connected screens as well as Apple and Android tablets & smartphones. Tubi will also be available via PlayStation4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

Tubi is currently the world’s largest ad-supported video-on-demand company. Yep – you read that correct – Ad’s. You will need to sit through an average of 11 ads per hour – but hey – at least it’s FREE! However they have an impressive library of almost 7,000 movies and TV series which is set to expand in the near future. Currently in the US there are over 15,000 titles available.

So, how do you ensure you can access Tubi without suffering buffering and poor download speeds? We would suggest a number of options dependent on the streaming device you are using.

A hard wired Data Point will always give you the most out of your download speed – however if you’re unable to connect to a data point, or unable to have a new data point installed – you will need to utilise your WiFi.

But … my Wifi is sooo slow! If only we had a dollar for every client we hear this from!! There are many options available from WiFI extenders to setting up your devices on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. We recently wrote an article around slow internet and WiFI speeds – which you can read here.

Whether you want to stream Tubi TV, Netflix, Stan or any of the other services currently available in the market place – but you are experiencing issues with download speeds, drop outs – or you just want to hardwire your TV – why not get your local techexpert from Jim’s Antennas in to have a look and provide a Free Onsite No Obligation quote. You can contact us on 131 546 or book online


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