Jim’s Antennas Brisbane – Masts are a thing of the past

Chris from Jim’s Antennas Everton Park in Brisbane is here to tell you that with recent advancements in digital antenna technology, the need for tall masts are a thing of the past. Chris says that these poles, which were commonly used to elevate the antenna to a distance sufficiently high enough to receive a strong signal, are now virtually redundant.

Chris says that with the progress made with digital antennas it is now possible to obtain a strong TV reception signal with a standard 1.2 metre tall antenna. Even if you reside in an area known for poor TV reception, Chris recommends contacting Jim’s Antennas to attend your home to test the signal strength, as many of the antennas he stocks have high gain capacity which will usually ensure a signal strength that will allow you to enjoy picture perfect TV reception. Chris also advises that in the rare locations where a reliable signal cannot be received he can recommend an alternative, being the Australian Government sponsored Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST), a fully funded free to air satellite service for viewers who are unable to receive digital TV because of issues relating to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in their area.

So if your antenna looks like the one in the attached image, taken by Chris at a home in Stafford Heights, it’s time to contact Jim’s Antennas to discuss your options, whether that be a new digital antenna, or if all else fails, VAST. Contact
131546 for your no obligation free quote.