Jim’s Antennas Everton Park – Smart Wiring for new Home in Aspley Queensland

Brisbane’s Northern suburb of Aspley is now enjoying the benefits of the NBN. A well thought out cabling network in your new home makes sense regardless of your current internet connection.

This new build in Aspley is now equipped with extensive internet, Free to Air TV, Foxtel & telephone cabling, all terminating in a communications cabinet hidden in the garage. Messy modems, switches & patch panels are hidden away whilst the smart TV’s, PVR’s, Apple TV etc have dedicated cable connections leaving WiFi free for laptops, iPods, smartphones and other portable devices.

At the same time the 2 AV areas of this home are being pre-wired for surround sound and hidden AV equipment. When the TV’s are wall mounted there will be no messy cables or equipment – just the TV. The outside areas have bluetooth audio built in, with the remote security monitoring system and air conditioning also directly connected, which allows remote access and control.

With much of this cabling only possible at the ‘frame’ stage of a house build it is important to get it right from the start. A Jim’s Antennas technician can discuss cabling options with you and come up with a plan to suit.

Based at Everton Park, Chris recommends that you consider cabling as an important part of the planning of your new home. This is not just a lifestyle decision but an asset to your home.

So if you’re constructing a new home and want the most up to date technology, contact Jim’s Antennas on 131546 to discuss your options.