Digital Tv Antenna Installation Sunsine Coast

Colin from Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast is regularly asked to install antennas in the roof space of homes as clients think they look unsightly on their roofs. While this may be possible in areas with good signal reception, in most cases there are just too many obstacles to overcome by installing the antenna in the roof space.

Colin says, ‘Wherever possible I strongly advise the installation of an antenna on the roof. This will ensure a clear signal is received without any intereference’. Colin adds, ‘Digital antennas these days are quite small and unobtrusive anyway, and may not always have to be installed where they can be viewed from the street’. Colin states that interference can also be caused by trees, buildings and in heavy rain but all these problems can be overcome with the correct installation of a suitable digital antenna by a qualified installer.

If you’re located on the Sunshine Coast and experience poor TV reception please call 131546 for a no obligation free quote. Jim’s Antennas have numerous technicians in the area who specialize in digital TV reception, home theatre, as well additional TV points, phone points and data points for residential and commercial buildings.