Want Quality Tv Reception While Touring Australia? Jim’s Antennas Can Help

If you’re one of the many who have taken the opportunity to tour the Australian countryside in a camper van / caravan, then prior to departure you need to make contact with Jim’s Antennas to ensure you are fitted with all the equipment necessary to obtain free to air television.

Various locations throughout Australia cannot obtain sufficient TV reception signals, and as such, the Australian Government can grant you access to Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) which will allow free to air TV to be received via a satellite and set top box.

Matthew, of Jim’s Antennas Moana, recently assisted a client travelling throughout Australia with the installation of a fold down satellite dish with an adjustable feet tripod mount connected to a VAST set top box (see attached image). For all your satellite enquiries contact Jim’s Antennas on 131546 for the latest and most up to date options for your free to air and pay TV needs.