Home Theatre in Echuca

“Jim’s Antennas Echuca have recently installed this home Theatre system incorporating ceiling mounted projector, 100″ fixed wall screen and custom speaker pack.  The clients brief was to be able to watch digital TV for mainly sporting events such as the football and car racing, but then drop the lights and watch a great movie.  Jim’s Antennas worked closely with the client and builder to achieve both the functions and look the client required, designing all the layout of the room and cabinetry.  All front speakers were hidden behind a L P Morgan 100” galleria screen which  is perforated allowing crystal clear sound to come out.  The sub woofer is hidden into the cabinetry again with a perforated grill.  Blu Ray DVD recorder and integra amp complete the package giving the client the ultimate experience!

HT in Echuca

Shane – Jim’s Antennas  Echuca