No space in the house for you? Why not convert your shed into a ‘man cave’?

Do you find yourself without a lot of space in your own home? Are the kids taking over and you are just wishing to have your own space to escape? An ”adult hideaway” or as some people like to call them a ”man cave”, (although this space can be for mums too 😁) could be the solution, and all you will need is a shed or unused garage.

After you have renovated and decorated your ”man cave” (a TV, bar and comfy couch is a must!) it’s important to check that you have internet so that you can watch your favourite sport or streaming services.

If you have a weak to non existent internet connection you will happy to know that your local Jim’s Antennas Franchise can help. They will test the speed and strength of your internet and will recommend and implement a solution tailored to the specific requirements of your home. Michael from Jim’s Antennas South Morang installed ‘point to point’ internet for a customer who had decided to convert his shed into his very own ”man cave”.

Michael installed 2x Ubiquity Loco M5 nanostations, which sends internet from the ”sender” in the home to the ”receiver” in the shed. This is cabled to a router which will give them internet in the ”man cave’.

If you would like to have internet in your ”man cave” or outdoor entertainment area, call 131 546 or book here to arrange a free onsite, no obligation quote today.

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