Local school support from Jim’s Antennas Wyong ends up in Samoa …

With close community ties and a commitment to support local schools, Rod our franchisee for Jim’s Antennas Wyong, recently donated a Blu Ray/DVD Player to the Wyong Christian Community School. The School sends a team of students annually to Samoa to help in the local schools, providing resources for the students and practical support to the teachers and the local community.

As part of the fundraising for the Samoa trip, a trivia night and silent auction is held and this is where Rod saw the opportunity to support the local community by donating the Blu Ray player.

School Administration member Susan Johnston (pictured) was happy to receive the donation and reported after the event that the donation contributed to an overall total of $3126 being raised for the Samoa trip.

As the local Jim’s Antenna Franchisee, Rod also installed a new antenna and booster system for the schools recently renovated Library and classrooms.

BluRay Presentation WCCS jpeg