Jim’s Antennas Wynnum Uses Squarial Antenna for Distributed TV Solution

On a commercial site today at Port Of Brisbane. Container handling operation (Patrick Logistics) that uses a Local Area Network (local?? – it was humungous) to distribute bulletins and messages to TVs across three sites. We worked with IT support people in Adelaide and local staff to give them updates from the Olympics at selected times of the day by connecting a digital set top box to a PC. It’s called MultiScreen and you can check it out here.

Two new digital TV antennas to be installed. They will be Squarials. Roof access is all but impossible and these little beauties just go on a wall facing the transmission towers. See the pic below.

Patrick Logistic has very strict safety requirements so we had to jump through all the hoops. Thanks to Jim’s Antennas National who have put all our safety procedures into the iPad app library. So easy to just email them straight from the iPad. When we made their safety job easier they really appreciated it.

Job is not finished yet but should be done by end of the week. Installed pics will be posted then.