Jim’s Antennas in Canberra working on the Digital Switchover

Andrew Parke and Heidi Schieren from Jim’s Antennas met in Canberra with members from the governments Digital Switchover Taskforce to discuss the ongoing work it is conducting which helps audit the set top box and antenna installations performed under the governments HAS (Household Assistance Scheme). Under the scheme some Australians are entitled to receive assistance with a new Digital Set Top Box or a New Digital TV Antenna and installation.

The Australian Government’s Household Assistance Scheme is being rolled out across the country to help some Australian households switch to digital-only free to air television. The scheme will involve a government contracted installer visiting eligible households to supply,instal and demonstrate the use of a high definition set top box,at no cost to the recipient. Where the household is entitled,the installer will also undertake any necessary upgrades to the households external cabling or antenna.

Jim’s Antennas is proud to be a integral part of governments plan to switchover all Australians to digital TV. For more information regarding the household assistance scheme and the digital switchover please click on the link below.
Digital Switchover