Jim’s Antennas Nairne Makes Going To The Dentist Bearable!

Do you like going to the dentist? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Recently Tony from Jim’s Antennas Nairne received a call from the Glenunga Dental Clinic who had come up with the novel idea of installing flat screen TVs in all three of their consulting rooms. The dentist thought it would be a great way to divert a patients’ attention from what is actually happening to them and might go some way toward making a trip to the dentist bearable. Tony attended and confirmed that the ceilings did have the strength and stability to hold the weight of the TVs.

He then safely installed TVs in the three consulting rooms so that viewing from the dreaded dental chair was possible. What a great idea and here’s to the dentist for thinking outside the square. Wall mounting a TV, particularly in circumstances such as this, can be dangerous so it’s often best to call in the experts rather than attempt a DIY and end up with a disastrous outcome.

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