Choosing the correct coaxial cable

Choosing the correct coaxial cable is imperative in Digital TV Installations. The wrong choice could have your shiny new LED screen freezing and pixelating in the middle of your favourite TV show or just as your team is about to kick that winning goal. Quad shield cabling is a standard that should be used as a minimum with all Digital Antenna Installations. Quad Shield Coaxial cable is quite simply that; a cable that has four layers of shielding which protects the inner conductor.

Specs for coax

A chart that shows the performance of different types of coaxial cable

One of the main reasons quad shield coaxial cable has been set as a standard is to reduce the problems associated with impulse noise.Impulse noise is a interference that can be generated from household appliances, vehicle ignitions or overhead power lines. This type of interference causes intermittent picture blocking or freezing along with a distorted cracking sound. (very frustrating). To fix this problem it is suggested that all cables from the antenna to the wall plate be replaced with a good quality quad shield coax

including the lead from the wall plate to the TV panel or set top box.

Upon testing further improvement can also be provided by using a higher gain antenna, amplification or the use of shielded splitters.

The quality of quad shield cables may also vary from different manufacturers, franchisees within Jim’s Antennas will only use cable from proven suppliers.




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