Want a Home Security System for your Double Storey home?

With just over 400,000 break-ins across Australia in the last 12 months (according to Budget Direct), it’s not surprising that you have decided to protect your house. When you are at home you want to be able to feel safe and not have to worry about possible break-ins. By having a home security system installed you are immediately protecting and securing your home, giving you some ‘peace of mind’.

When it comes to installing your home security system it’s best you leave it to the professionals; particularly if you have a double storey home.

At Jim’s Antennas our team work closely with our licensed Jim’s Security to assist clients with the installation (and repair) of CCTV System & Security Cameras, Security Alarms, Video Intercoms and Access Control. We offer a complete range of security products for both residential and commercial applications and supply a number of professional brands such as Bosch, Dahua and Hikvision.

Only recently, Michael from Jim’s Antennas & Jim’ Security South Morang was asked to install CCTV for a customer who lives in a double storey home. Michael installed 3 cameras from the Dahua 6mp Starlight package on the bottom story.

Being a double storey there are always challenges installing after the home is built. But thanks to Michael’s ability to think outside the box and create ways to run cables, he was able to achieve the results his customer was looking for.

So, if you have just bought a home security system and live in a double storey house, leave it to the professionals and call 131 546, or book here to arrange your free onsite quote.

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