Is this you? Were you just watching TV when all of a sudden it starts to drop in and out? Why does it always seem to be at that crucial point in the TV show or game? Your TV picture freezing or breaking up can be caused by a variety of different things, such as electrical appliances, cable quality, cable connections, splitter, amplifier, weather or your existing antenna.

If your existing antenna is an older style analogue antenna then it is time to upgrade. Your new Digital Antenna must also be located where it can receive the best available signal, to help avoid your TV reception from breaking up again.

This is where Jim’s Antennas comes in. Whether it’s for your home or holiday house, we are your local techexperts. Our team of installation experts specialise in all types of aerial installation tasks. Your local technician will fit the correct Antenna for the type of TV reception available in your local area. All Jim’s Antennas franchisees are highly trained and fully qualified to diagnose and repair all Reception Issues for your Free To Air TV. We will first test the signal strength at your roof and then install the right antenna in the most suitable position –  so that you can enjoy your favourite TV shows without any reception problems.

Steve from Jim’s Antennas Heathmont recently attended a property in Kinglake West west where a customer was experiencing reception issues with their existing aged antenna after a thorough inspection, the aerial was found to be installed too low and of poor quality and the coaxial cabling was not to a digital standard.

Steve’s solution was to install a new Matchmaster 03mm-Dr3006 aerial and a new uni-mount installed at the highest point of the roof, along with a new rg6 quad shield cabling to receive the strongest signal possible.

The Results: Crystal clear reception on all HD channels and no more pixelating!

Added bonus: Jim’s Antennas have partnered with Matchmaster to offer a lifetime guarantee as they have been manufacturing ”for the best” high quality antennas in Australia for over 75 years.

Don’t put up with bad TV reception any longer. Book in your free onsite quote with your local Franchisee instead, to go through the best options for you. Just call 131 546 or click here.

Steve replaced his customers old analogue antenna with a Australian-made Matchmaster 03mm-Dr3006 aerial.
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