Why Can’t I Get New TV Channels?

If you are having trouble receiving new television channels, there are 4 key questions you should consider:

1.       How old is Your TV and is it HD Compatible?

Many Australian free-to-air networks have changed some of their existing MPEG2 channels to MPEG-4 or have added completely new MPEG-4 channels.

Most networks have made this switch as MPEG-4 uses transmission space more effectively, allowing for more channels and better picture quality.

Unfortunately, older TVs or TVs that are not High Definition (HD) do not have inbuilt MPEG4 encoders and therefore are unable to receive the new broadcast standard.

Most new free-to-air channels require a MPEG4 Encoder to be received.

Some channels also have a high definition simulcast. This is a high definition (MPEG-4) version of a channel that is also available on MPEG-2 televisions. Meaning that the channel displays the same content, but with better sound and image quality.

The following free-to-air channels are HD Simulcasts:

·         7HD

·         7mate HD

·         9HD

·         9Gem HD

·         10 HD

·         ABC HD

·         SBS HD

Channels only available on HD TV (unavailable on MPEG-2 TV):

·         SBS World Movies HD

·         SBS Viceland HD

2.       What is Your Location?

Some new channels are broadcasted to certain areas.

The following free-to-air channels are location dependant:

·         10 Shake (Metropolitan Areas)

·         9Rush (Metropolitan Areas)

·         Openshop  (Metropolitan Areas + Regional Queensland)

·         Sky News on WIN (Regional Australia)

·         7flix (Metropolitan Areas + Regional Areas of NSW, VIC and QLD)

*Note: Metropolitan areas refer to: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth  

* this list excludes simulcasts

3.       Do you use Foxtel?

If you are using Foxtel, some or all new channels may not be available. While regional standard boxes are unable to receive free-to-air channels, most can be received using a MyStar, iQ3 or iQ4 box. But, keep in mind, available channels still depend on your location.

If your Foxtel box is unable to receive a new channel you wish to watch, installing a TV antenna may help you gain access.

4.       Have You Tried Re-tuning Your Television?

If you are in the right location to receive a new channel and are using a HD TV, but still can’t seem to get it to work, try re-tuning your television.

Use the below channel lists to help you determine which new channels you should be receiving:

Sourced From: Media Spy

Whether you need assistance re-tuning your TV, want to get a new antenna installed or have tried some of the above steps and still can’t seem to get your reception right – don’t hesitate to give Jim’s Antennas a call 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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