Why are parents getting their TV’s Wall Mounted?

Why are so many parents opting to get their TV’s wall mounted?

Well, the answer is quiet simple really. It’s to protect their children from becoming seriously or even fatally injured by falling TV’s.

According to an article published by the ACCC in June 2018 “An estimated 2,600 Australians receive hospital treatment for injuries caused by toppling furniture and televisions each year, equating to approximately 50 people per week” and “Since 2001 at least 22 children under the age of 9 have died in Australia from toppling furniture or televisions, with children under 3 years of age at greatest risk”

Kidsafe Victoria also report that “Between 2006 – 2010, 297 Victorian children aged 0-14 years presented to emergency departments with an injury resulting from a TV tip over. The majority of incidents involved children under 4 years of age, with the peak of incidents occurring in children aged 2 years.”

Kids are by nature incredibly inquisitive and in this modern era of Smart Phones and Tablets which are all touch enabled small children are apt to view the family TV as a giant touchscreen. This presents a huge issue with small children likely to cause TV’s on stands to topple and fall over.

Warwick Teague who is the Director of the Trauma Service at the Royal Children’s Hospital has told the ACCC that ““Common injuries from TV and furniture tip over incidents result from significant blunt force trauma and include broken bones, brain injuries, crushed chest cavities and even death by asphyxiation.”

If you’re a parent of small children or even have small children in your home on a regular basis mounting your TV to the wall is the safest way to prevent those children in your care from becoming injured by a falling TV.

All TV wall mounts come with a built in locking device that prevents the TV from being pulled off the bracket. Which in itself has an added benefit – not only can your children not pull the TV off the wall – but any thieves that may break into your home or office are unable to remove your expensive TV from the wall without going to some effort of dismantling the locking device.

So if you’ve now decided is the right time to get your TV Wall Mounted – you can read our wall mounting tips here or for a FREE onsite NO Obligation quote you can contact us on 131 546 or book online

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