How high should I mount my TV?

So you’ve decided to Wall Mount your TV – but the question is how high should I mount my TV?

Well that all depends on not only the size of your TV that you’ll be wall mounting, but the viewing distance, eye level height and the angle you’ll be watching the TV from.

Other factors to think about is what is the primary function of the room you’ll be wall mounting the TV in? Is it a lounge room and the primary function is sitting on the sofa and watching TV or is it in a man cave where the primary function might be to stand around the bar and occasionally glance at the TV whilst watching the AFL or other sporting events.

According to Houzz Magazine – the optimal  height of a TV primarily intended for lounge room viewing is 108cm above the floor. However this is dependent on the size of the screen and the distance from the viewing area ie. couch.

A quick way to calculate the optimal height for your circumstances is to take the size of the TV ie. 60-inch which is approximately 81cm in height and then the height of your couch/sofa. The average height of most couches is around 45cm from the floor add to that a seated adult (or child if being used primarily in a kids playroom or teenagers retreat) at around 63cm above the couch cushions.

Therefore the viewers eyeline will be at approximately 108cm whens seated watching TV. Our TV is 81cm tall the middle of this is 40.5cm therefore 108-40.5cm = 67.5cm’s. 67.5cm is how high your TV should be mounted for optimal viewing.

Don’t worry though if this isn’t achievable in your space – due to a fireplace or other obstacle preventing you from mounting your TV at this height. Tilt brackets are great for reducing the viewing angle/height and can prevent you from getting a crink in your neck when binge watching your favourite TV shows!

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