Strata Data and Digital Switchover in Adelaide

With the analog switch off looming in Adelaide, the big panic was on to get “Digital” before switch the off. In many cases this was left to the last minute creating a mad rush leading up to the official switch off date.

Jims Antennas experienced a high volume of commercial work and Strata corporations going crazy (they only had eight years to get organised). With only 2 weeks to go before the switch off Strata Data in Adelaide accepted Jims Antennas technicians Simon (Flagstaff Hill) and Adrian (Blackwood) quotation for a group of 60 units over 4 storeys. The Guys from Jims Antennas are part of Strata Datas preferred contractors system and have a fair bit of experience in these larger installs. Only problem was they wanted it completed before the switch off.

Every unit needed new cabling as there was no existing system in place since the building was erected in the 1970s. The normal lead time after your quotation has been excepted by any Strata is normally a month or two to allow residence, agents and Owners enough time to be ready for the install. Even this never goes to plan as people still are unaware of your arrival. To organise sixty tenants and owners in a week was going to be fun. Lots of letter drops and phone calls where made, but mainly just door knocking!

So, with the help of a couple of Hills Black Arrow Antennas and the laying of an extensive metal ducting/conduit network, (cavities where not accessible due to the nature of the build and a lot of drilling holes through balconies!) the work was completed, in five days, on time and before switch off!!! Leaving a lot of happy residents and two very exhausted Jims Antennas Installers.