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Jim’s Antennas Byford recently attended a newly built home in Casuarina to fit and install a new antenna. Chris was able to use a roof plate to affix the mast and ensure a sturdy install for many years to come. If  you’re about to move in to a new home and are looking to install new equipment to your roof, the team at Jim’s Antennas can put the finishing touches to your roof space by providing antenna and cabling to provide crystal clear digital to reception to your home.   Call today for a free quote on 131 546

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Grab your popcorn Australia – there is a new streaming service which was launched on the 1st September – and it’s FREE! According to “Broadsheet” the new service Tubi will be available via Telstra TV, Tubi.TV, Apple TV and Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV along with most internet connected screens as well as Apple and Android […]

Brisbane’s Northern suburb of Aspley is now enjoying the benefits of the NBN. A well thought out cabling network in your new home makes sense regardless of your current internet connection. This new build in Aspley is now equipped with extensive internet, Free to Air TV, Foxtel & telephone cabling, all terminating in a communications […]

Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Montrose recently completed a job for a customer who was complaining of a poor TV signal.  As soon as he arrived on the scene, Aaron noticed that the antenna system’s cabling and splitter had been run on the outside of the roof and rusted out. Unfortunately TV splitters and coaxial don’t […]

Whether you are an electrician, project manager or builder working on a job that needs multiple security cameras installed, look no further. At Jim’s Antennas our team work closely with our licensed Jim’s Security experts. No matter what size the job is, our team is readily available to inspect both residential or commercial projects, new […]

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