Jims Antennas Hervey Bay Concealed Ceiling Speakers

Jims Antennas Technicians are not only professional at antenna installations we also specialise in other fields like Professional Home Theatre and Home Automation.

We are experienced at concealed home theatre installations and ceiling speakers. This particular customer had speakers installed on the wall and were not happy with having to clean dust off them all the time and were in need of an upgrade.

With these easy solutions you can have hidden speakers within the ceiling space and will not need cleaning at all. These speakers are thin and do not protrude from the ceiling and look much like down-lights.

This particular installation was 4 rear 8-inch ceiling speakers and 2 angled front speakers which provided the Dolby Atmos Experience. Now I know you’re all thinking what is Dolby Atmos, this is the new form of home theatre experience and engulfs the viewer in a more immersive way. Dolby Atmos is more easily achievable with ceiling speakers and also keeps cleaning and speaker clutter to a minimum—this makes it a great solution to small lounge rooms or zone 2 speaker areas.

Which speakers are used in either Dolby Atmos or Dolby Digital depends on your current home theatre AV receiver capabilities and if you’re unsure or want an upgrade please contact Jims Antennas on 131 546.

This Home Theatre advice provided to you by Jims Antennas Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

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