MATV Antennas For Apartments: Jim’s Antennas Adelaide

Adrian of Jim’s Antennas in the Adelaide suburb of Blackwood regularly drives past apartment complexes and is perplexed at how many tenants have installed their own antennas. When this happens it draws your attention, and not in a good way. Not only does it look unsightly, the cost to maintain all these TV aerials is considerable and the potential for interference is high.

Master Antenna Television, or MATV, is the solution for apartments, hotels, schools and multi-unit dwellings to avoid having numerous antennas on display. MATV basically distributes TV and FM signals to a number of receivers from one central location, but it must be carefully planned and engineered to avoid signal interference issues.

All property and strata managers should strongly consider MATV for these types of locations, and should always seek the opinion of an experienced antenna technician, of which Jim’s Antennas has many.

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