Antenna Installation Whittlesea: Quality TV Reception Guaranteed

Troy, from Jim’s Antennas Wollert, covers a vast region of suburbs that suffer from poor TV reception which requires technical expertise when considering the correct antenna installation. Whittlesea is one such suburb that has pockets that regularly have an interrupted TV signal. Troy has solved many of these technical issues through the installation of a standard high gain digital antenna with a universal anchor mount.

However, on occasion the antenna will require additional elevation to ensure a sufficient TV signal is received. On occasions such as in the attached photo, taken by Troy during an antenna installation in Whittlesea, the only solution is a tall mast. Here Troy has installed a new digital antenna atop a 30 foot mast. Securely fastened to ensure stability through all weather conditions, the client now enjoys a picture perfect high definition TV signal to all the televisions within the home.

If you are experiencing TV reception interference and you reside in Bundoora, Doreen, Epping, Lalor, Mernda, Mill Park, South Morang, Thomastown or Whittlesea, call in the experts at Jim’s Antennas for your free onsite quote.