Recent Storm damage in Brisbane to tall TV masts no problem for Jim’s Antennas Wynnum

Recent storms throughout Brisbane have caused considerable damage to tall masts used to elevate TV antennas in the suburb of Manly.

Ian and Rhett from Jim’s Antennas Wynnum were quick to respond and replace masts and antennas that had been damaged. Ian notes that Manly’s location is in a troublesome reception pocket, “Being below a high ridge, right on the Brisbane bayside means poor reception if there’s insufficient height – even with digital TV. In such circumstances, a tall mast is required to raise the antenna to receive a suitable signal”.

In one case a mast had not been properly installed by a competitor so it was just a matter of time before it would bent or even fall. The mast had been bent at about the halfway point so it had to be completely dismantled, removed and replaced. Ian and Rhett replaced 3 masts of heights up to 16 metres (50 feet). Rhett commented on the benefits of working as a team with Ian for these types of jobs, “It’s a two man job to tackle these sorts of problems so we are always ready to do them without having to organise outside help.” Rhett adds, “We’ve done mast jobs in hilly areas around Brookfield, Kenmore and Mt Cotton as well as the bayside suburbs of Birkdale to Cleveland”.

Mast projects need to be properly designed and professionally installed to ensure they can handle the rigours of sub-tropical storms. Bad reception areas are a specialty for Rhett and Ian and masts often overcome these problems.

Jim’s Antennas technicians undergo extensive training which ensures an excellent result for our customers. With guarantees of up to 5 years, our clients can rest assured that completed work will stand the test of time.