Jim’s Antennas Melbourne Teaming Up with Push Controls In Smart Home Design

Jim’s Antennas prides itself on remaining at the cutting edge of its industry. We identify brands that are shaping the way we live and align ourselves with such brands.

At Jim’s Antennas we identified that smart home design is now an integral part of life, and one such company making headlines in this field is Push Controls. Push Controls deliver on the promise of the connected home – with one simple control, you have the capability to master virtually any device, system or appliance.

Jim’s Antennas recently organized a training session for some of the Melbourne team, delivered by our friends at Push Controls. The training demonstrated that almost all home systems and appliances can be controlled from your iPhone, iPad or Android device, including:
AUDIO and VIDEO – including TVs, DVD, Blu-ray, set-top boxes and more; LIGHTING – it allows you to switch your lights on and off, dim any light as well as create pre-set lighting scenes; SECURITY – operate your security system from your hand held device and even get notified on your phone instantly if your alarm is activated; AND MORE – climate control, motorized blinds and curtains, energy management and endless other home appliances.

Aaron Puddy, of Jim’s Antennas Canterbury, successfully completed the training and can see the benefits offered by Push Controls. He says, “Households these days have so many appliances and this also means more remote controls. Push Controls offers the ability to operate most if not all of these appliances from the simple push of a button from a hand held device. It really simplifies the process and virtually makes these remote controls redundant. This is definitely a service that I will be offering my clients”. Travers Blacker of Jim’s Antennas Knoxfield agrees, “This is definitely the way of the future and it is something that new home builders should strongly consider when designing their new homes”. Michael Wirth of Jim’s Antennas Malvern is a strong advocate of Push Controls, “I love its simplicity and ease of use. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Android device, which most people do these days, this product is a must”.

If you are undergoing a renovation, building a new home or just want to know more about smart home design, be sure to contact Jim’s Antennas on 131546 for all the latest industry products.

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