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Daniel said he would resolve our TV reception problem and would give an honest assessment of the work needed. Too often in the Coffs area, local businesses quote outrageous prices and charge exorbitant fees for labour. That’s when they can be bothered to actually turn up. It was nice to deal with a franchisee who took his job seriously, turned up promptly, and was courteous and efficient. We would use his services again and recommend him to others.


Paul Scherr – Bornville NSW


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Jim’s Antennas Byford recently attended a local property in Byford. Their 4G internet reception for the Optus modem in their tin shed was sketchy at best. Chris from Jim’s Antennas was able to fit and install an omnidirectional MIMO 4G antenna. This fixed his dropout rates overnight by extending the range and boosting the signal […]

Usually we associate TV reception issues with being too far from the transmission towers or having something blocking direct line-of-sight, such as a high rise building or thick trees. But what if you are too close to the towers? Yes this can actually cause TV reception interference. Owners of this Bardon home were unable to […]

How to Wall Mount a TV   Top Tips from a Jim’s Antennas installer with over nine years of experience. The first step is to decide on the best mounting solution, I would talk to my customer to find out what they are trying to achieve and the reason for mounting the tv. A common […]

Jim’s Antennas Campbelltown recently attended a local rooftop to fit and install a new antenna to improve our customers TV reception. Shaun was able to establish the most suitable position on the roof, test for signal strength to ensure crystal clear reception and tune our clients TV for optimum performance. For a fast hassle free […]

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