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The wide screen digital television has really become a showpiece in the modern day lounge room.

Local Franchisee for Jim’s Antennas Wyong – Rod, has been helping his customers to wall mount their TV’s to really light up their living space. Things look even better with all the cables concealed behind the wall using the latest in High Definition (HDMI) and Digital Optical cables.

Rod is also keen to demonstrate how much space is saved by hanging your plasma or LCD wide screen TV. It also keeps them away from little hands!

The latest wall plates allow for a wide range of cables to be run through the wall cavity, including speakers … Your new Blu Ray player/recorder or DVD as well as gaming consoles and amplifier receivers can easily be incorporated into a fantastic looking home theatre installation.

Finally, wall mounting speakers complete the installation with no messy cables and brilliant surround sound.

Rod is always available to offer free advice for home theatre and excellent customer service right across the Central Coast.

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