Jim’s Antennas chooses to use Australia Made Antennas!

MS black aarow antenna

This is one of the latest antennas I am currently using in my Jim’s antennas franchise. I love that it is made right here in Australia, designed specifically for our harsh Australian climate conditions in mind. This Hills Black arrow antenna is ideal for those currently building in a new estate. Councils can be strict on antenna locations and even the size and look of your antenna. And rightly so, I am pretty sure most of us don’t want to be starring out our kitchen window only to see a unsightly antenna. With that in mind I paint the bracket in a black non rust paint to make it less obtrusive on a new roof. The digital TV reception is perfect quality as is the Black arrow antenna.
As far as antennas go – this one is a work of art!

Matthew – Jim’s Antennas Doreen