Setting up your TV in the Alfresco area? Jim’s Antennas can help you…


Television mounting outside our homes has become increasingly popular. Not only does it add an extra living area to your home, It can also save your sanity. With many young families enjoying the perfect digital reception you receive whilst watching ABC for kids, or maybe its the noisy teenage boys of the house watching sports. Either way its great to have the option of a wall mounted TV, plasma, or LCD outside.

This is one small sample of tv installations that Jims have provided in the local area of Mernda, Whittlesea and Doreen.

It makes for great entertaining on those lovely warm nights we have.
If this sounds like something you or your friend’s and family would like to add to your home your local Jim’s antennas franchisee can make it happen.

Matt – Jim’s Antennas Doreen

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What is MATV? MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. It is a popular antenna choice for many apartment houses, hotels, schools and other multi-unit buildings distribute TV and FM signals. When there are a large number of receivers in the one building, it can be difficult to maintain quality reception without interference. By using quality MATV equipment […]

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In the days gone by of analogue TV reception, on some occasions TV antenna installation could be done with a fair amount of guess work. In this photo a customer has previously aimed the antennas in the direction but has never been able to get great TV reception. Jim’s Antennas have replaced the guess work […]

One of the most common faults we find as TV antenna technicians, is poor installations carried out by unqualified or inexperienced installers. A recent job I attended in Marian, west of Mackay had a couple of problems due to poor installation. The main one was that the antenna wasn’t assembled correctly when it was installed, […]

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