Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore wins the Bill Clark award for customer service !

Every year Jim’s Antennas franchisees gather at their annual conference . This year we had the good fortune to travel from The Sunshine Coast to Hamilton Island in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands .
Over a weekend of education and fun all the Jim’s Antennas franchisees had the chance to meet and mingle with each other . Our families were also able to enjoy the event . As with every conference the nominees for Franchisee of the year were announced on the first night but there are many other awards which can be won .
This year Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore was the recipient of the much sought after “Bill Clark Award for Customer Service”. I was very proud for Melissa and myself to have the opportunity to collect this wonderful award .
I truly believe in giving my customers the kind of service that I would want to receive myself . So often we are disappointed with the way we are treated by people in the service industries . At Jim’s Antenna Maroochydore we pride ourselves on going out of our way to make people happy . If that means giving a little extra then so be it .
For a Short period of time we are working in other peoples homes and we momentarily become part of their lives . In those moments we have the opportunity to really impress our customers so that they will recommend us to others or remember us the next time they need help with digital reception , home theatre ,data or telephone problems .

But wait there’s more ….. Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore also received a Team Performer Award . To be honored twice in one night is something I never aspired to . I was knocked off my feet !
We have been part of the Jim’s Antennas family for about five years and I remember the first conference we attended on the Gold Coast . At the gala dinner I remember being envious of those receiving awards and thinking that I would never be one of them ,and for the next few years I thought like that . In the last year I have changed all that . I have developed a much more positive attitude to what I bring to my business in Maroochydore and to the Jim’s Antennas group in general . These two awards are proof that having the right attitude can make a Jim’s Antennas Franchise work for you . If you are reading this as a new Franchisee then take it on board and reach for your dreams .
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Bill Clark Award


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