Jim’s Antennas Wall Mount Plasma TV in Deeragun

Peter of Jim’s Antennas Kirwan was only to happy to offer his services to St Anthony’s Catholic School in Deeragun following a request to wall mount a TV and speakers.

Peter, who offers a range of services not limited to the installation of antennas, found the most suitable location to mount the TV, which was a 70 inch plasma weighing an impressive 70kg’s. Using the most suitable bracket for the particular brand of TV, Peter secured the bracket before requesting a helping hand to lift the TV. The result is an impressive finish complete with concealed cabling for that professional look. Peter recommends against DIY installations of plasma and LED / LCD TV’s as he has often been called out to try and salvage the situation after a disaster.

Peter says the most common problem is the failure to secure the TV bracket to the studs in the wall, which will almost always see the TV come crashing down. So for all your home reception and antenna needs, as well as home theatre installations, contact 131546 for a no obligation free quote.