Moving house – let Jim’s Antennas move and re-mount your TV’s

So you have made the big decision to move house from one suburb to another, everything’s organised with the removalists but then you realise – how do we move the TV’s off the walls to our new house?

Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Canterbury offers a service where he can be at your house on moving day, take down your existing installed TV’s and meet you at your new premises to reinstall your TV’s with your existing brackets or supply new ones to be installed. The picture above is from an installation where a family moved from Surrey Hills to Canterbury and Aaron was able to take down four of their TV’s and have them reinstalled all on the same day. The customers’ appraisal of this service was that it took some of the stress out of the move and they were able to relax after the big day and settle in and still watch TV that night.

If you’re moving and want the stress of moving your plasma or LCD TVtaken away, contact Jim’s Antennas on 131546.