Feeling uneasy in your own neighbourhood? Who are you going to call? Jim’s Antennas!

Whether you are new to the area or if you have started noticing some dodgy behaviour that makes you feel unsafe, then now is the time to install a home security system. In fact, according to budget direct, last year nearly 5% of Australian households experienced at least 1 attempted break-in or break-in, with over 70% of them resulting in theft of belongings.

The good news is that you no longer have to worry about someone targeting your house, vandalising it or breaking in. You can protect your family, property and possessions thanks to the latest technology in home security systems. If you would like to install one for your home, Jim’s Antennas are the experts to call. Our team work closely with our licensed Jim’s Security experts to assist clients with installation and repair of CCTV Systems & Security Cameras, Security Alarms, Video Intercoms and Access Control.

Only recently, Matt from Jim’s Antennas & Jim’s Security North Albury, had a customer who wanted cameras installed around his property after noticing some questionable activity in his neighbourhood. He requested that the cameras be the highest of quality, have great resolution and smart motion detection.

Matt installed 4 x Dahua 6MP Cameras, which is Jim’s number one CCTV package. The starlight technology means clearer night vision and colour video in low light conditions which is exactly what Matt’s customer was after.

If you would like to feel safer at home, call 131 546 or book here, to arrange your free onsite quote today.

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