Yep, it’s annoying when your TV pixelates!

Why, oh why, does the TV decide to pixelate every time there is a cliff hanger or crucial moment in the game? The frustration at the time often makes you want to kick your TV into line, hoping that it will start working again. Of course, that will just cause more damage than, and that really only leaves you with the option to call Jim’s Antennas. When it comes to Antenna Installation for your home, holiday house or commercial property – Jim’s Antennas are your local tech experts.

Our team of installation experts specialise in all types of aerial installation tasks. Your local technician will fit the correct Antenna for the type of TV reception available in your local area.

Luke from Jim’s Antennas Shepparton, had a customer in Kialla Lakes that was having reception issues which was causing their TV to pixelate and cut in and out, to the point where it wasn’t possible to watch TV. After testing the signal, Luke found that the older style analogue antenna was no longer working properly.  

The Solution? A new digital antenna had to be installed on the opposite side of the roof to the original antenna as this was the best location for the antenna to receive the best signal. An old analogue amplifier-splitter was removed from the roof and replaced with a new digital splitter along with a new digital masthead amplifier, that was installed at the antenna. The customer can now happily watch TV again.

Rather than put up with your TV pixelating, just call your local Jim’s Antennas Franchise on 131 546 or book here to arrange your free onsite, no obligation quote.

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