TV Antenna Mounting Options

How Do You Mount an Antenna?

The best location to mount an antenna is usually on the roof or garage. However, it is also possible to install an antenna on the side of your house or chimney. In most cases the higher the better, preferably away from any obstructions like a large shady tree or building. Before beginning the installation process, you should also determine in which direction your antenna will face. You can do this by printing out a broadcast tower map or use a smartphone app that will show you the best direction to point your antenna.

Most antennas will come with some type of mounting system- a pole mount, stand, or clamping system. It should be noted that roof mounting an HD antenna will require some extra work and planning, and that larger antennas usually come with their own mounting system to attach to your roof.  

In almost every installation scenario, mounting an antenna will require you to drill holes to screw the mount to the desired location. You will then need to snake coaxial cable to a power booster or splitter. Hiring a professional to help with the install is a good choice if are unsure of how to do this yourself.

Antenna Mounting Options

Fixed Mounts

Tripod Mount

The design of the tripod mount makes it very stable. This mount is able to withstand high winds and has extra height to clear obstructions.

Universal J Mount

The unique design of the universal J-Mount allows you to mount your TV antenna higher than standard 18” masts allow. This tall mount is suited for most antennas and features a pivoting base to allow installation on vertical or horizontal flat surfaces such as a roof, fascia, side of the house, or deck rail.

Antenna Mast and Pole Mount

The brackets are attached to an outside wall and then a pole antenna is secured in the bracket.

Chimney Mount

Chimney mounts are similar to Pole Mount but attached to the exterior wall of chimney. The pole is then secured in the brackets.

There are several different ways to mount an HD antenna. If you are looking to be cable-free, then it is worth a shot installing a HD antenna and receiving all the free to air channels possible.

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