Optus Cel-Fi Go Installation in Little Bay, NSW

Ivan from Jim’s Antennas Cremorne recently installed a Optus Cel-Fi Go for a client in Little Bay, NSW. 

Prior to installing the signal booster Ivan’s client was only able to receive one bar of 3G, meaning that their connection was extremely weak and unreliable. 

In order to give his client the best possible experience using 3G data, Ivan installed a Cel-Fi GO Smart Signal Booster, alongside a donor antenna. The antenna will receive signals from nearby cell towers and transfers these to the booster. The booster then boosts the radio frequency signal to extend coverage and increases the strength in areas where the connection was previously weak or unavailable.  

Cel-Fi Go Indoor Antenna
Donor Antenna

With Ivan’s help, this client can now finally enjoy full signal strength and decent internet connectivity inside their home. 

Signal Before
Signal After

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