After receiving a call from a customer who had lost their TV reception, Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan, southern New South Wales, was quick to arrive on-site to see what the problem could be. 

Once at the house, the first thing Mark noticed was that the home’s analog antenna was in a very poor way, and as a result struggling to receive signals. But that wasn’t the only problem, the issue of signal loss was compounded by the fact that the mast of the antenna was also installed in an inappropriate position. A dense tree-line at the rear of the property was blocking the antenna’s line of sight, causing further (easily avoidable) interference and signal loss. 

When installing a new antenna, Mark conducted several signal strength tests in different areas along the roof to ensure that unlike the other one, this antenna, was placed in the best possible position. 

You’d think that would be all. But while completing this job, Mark also found a badly corroded wall plate and unsuitable cabling – as the two different types of cable (ribbon & coax) were poorly joined. No wonder this poor client had completely lost their signal! 

However, he was quick to solve this problem by also installing a new rafter mounted mast alongside the new Matchmaster VHF antenna before properly connecting the system to a new splitter and wall plate. Finally, crystal clear reception and access to all channels had been successfully restored. 

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