Mark from Jim’s Antennas Mount Annan, southern New South Wales, recently received a call from a client asking whether he was able to repair a broken guy wire (tension cable) on a 6-metre antenna mast and re-erect the mast once the repair had been completed.

Upon arrival Mark noticed that not just one, but all the guy wires had been damaged and so had the home’s analog antenna. Damage to this antenna system was predominately due to the antenna’s unnecessarily long mast. The antenna had been knocked over in a strong storm, during which it unfortunately smashed into the solar panels that were placed lower along the roof. 

After conducting a quick signal test, Mark explained to the homeowner that it would be more economical to install a 1.5m rafter mounted mast with new Digital VHF antenna and masthead amplifier, than it would be to try to replace or repair the old system. It would also be more sensible choice as a shorter mast would increase the stability and security of the antenna system, making it more resistant to environmental wear such as wind damage. 

Now, not only does the house look better without the big guy wired mast, but the chances to further damage to the home’s solar panels as a result of the antenna system collapsing have been eliminated!

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