How-To Wall Mount Outdoor Speakers

Wall mounting speakers, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces, not only optimises sound quality and experience, but also protects your speaker system from pets and children.

To help you navigate the ins and outs of mounting outdoor we’ve made a simple, easy to follow, how-to video to help you get started. Click the video below to watch a professional from Jim’s Antennas walk you through the steps of a typical installation.

We’ve also included a written guide below:

  1. Determine the position you’d like your speakers to be in, ensure that you have the correct measurements to achieve the optimum volume
  2. Put your brackets up and make sure there’s supports in the roof
  3. Drill the holes to put speaker cables in
  4. Push the speaker cable up through the holes
  5. Hop up on a roof ladder which has a gutter guard to ensure that the ladder doesn’t damage the gutters
  6. Lift the tile up to find the cable
  7. Drag the cables to where you need them to go to
  8. Connect speakers to the wiring
  9. Make sure that the roof is closed and double check that every tile is back down, so that there are no water leaks in the roof
  10. Connect the speakers up to the amplifier

Watch the following video to see how flush mounted speakers are installed:

If you’d like some help getting your speaker system up and running, we’re always here to help! Here at Jim’s Antennas our experienced and qualified team will have you outside, listening to your favourite tunes in no time. Give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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