TV Mount Service

TV Mount Service           

At Jim’s Antennas we are the TV Wall Mounting experts and offer our TV Mount Service to all clients Australia wide, no matter the size of the TV you need mounted!

Jim’s Antennas have been offering TV Mount service since the first flat screen TV’s became available on the market. And whilst these TV’s were only available then to those with deep pockets – they are now the only choice of TV on the market if you’re after a newie!

Flat screen TV’s come in numerous sizes from your smaller 32” Tv’s through to the whopping 292” available from Samsung!

Whilst most people aren’t rushing out to the buy 292” inch TV – which is the equivalent of 7.4m! They are buying TV’s from the standard 32” up to 87” for use in and around the home.

According to The Q4 (October-December) 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report – from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen the average Australian home now has 6.4 screens each and TV remains by far the most watched screen.

At Jim’s Antennas we have seen a huge growth in our TV Mount service which now makes up around 20% of the numerous services we offer our clients. In the past 6 months alone Jim’s Antennas technicians have mounted in excess of 1100 TV screens!

At Jim’s Antennas our TV Mounting service doesn’t just stop at mounting your TV on the wall, we also make sure to hide any cabling in the wall (where possible) including any HDMI cabling used for connected devices such as gaming consoles, Apple TV etc …

We can also hardwire your TV screen to the internet minimising any drop out issues with poor or over clogged wifi in the house.

And of course … we make sure that all your Free To Air TV channels are coming in picture perfect without any pixilation issues!

If you’d like to take advantage of our TV Mount service – why not gives us a call today on 131 546 or you can book online for a FREE Onsite no obligation quote 24/7

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