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Poor TV reception is nothing new!

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Outdated TV reception technology will eventually create poor TV signal and create frustrating TV viewing at any hour of the day.

Since digital switch over Antenna technology has improved significantly. The technology itself is has changed and so has the size of the TV Antenna available for you.

With old style Antennas typically large and cumbersome and can be a bigger target in the wind or a storm the new digital TV antennas are worth considering. Much smaller and compact, these Antennas are constructed with better technology and components.

A smaller Antenna ensures your TV Antenna is not a feature on your roofline. Jim’s Antennas  ph 131 546.

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As you may now be aware a number of new channels have been added to the 7 and 9 networks such as 7 Flicks and 9 Life. The broadcasters have changed the signal type for these “ new “ channels to Mpeg4 and many older TVs are not able to decode this signal type. Please […]

Aaron Puddy from Jim’s Antennas Montrose recently had a customer wanting a different option as to where they could put their center speaker in their home theater install as they didn’t want to have a speaker above or below their TV. After researching for a solution Aaron came across a product from Jensen in their […]

Those residents and businesses that receive their TV signal from either the Rosebud or Safety Beach broadcast towers will be undergoing a frequency change on Thursday 25 September. Suburbs affected include: Safety Beach, Rosebud, Dromana, McCrae and Martha Cove. All channels will be changing frequency so you will need to retune your digital TV, set-top […]

4G interference can wreak havoc with TV reception and is often misdiagnosed by inexperienced technicians. Mark from Jim’s Antennas Wynnum was recently requested by a client to investigate a television reception issue on a client’s charter fishing vessel at Manly boat harbour. The client’s TV reception became very poor when moored at the boat harbour […]

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