Jim’s Antennas Locals in Adelaide Hills

Jim’s Antennas has local team members living an servicing the Adelaide Hills region.

Mount Barker, Nairne, Littlehampton, Hahndorf, Bridgewater.

Experienced installation team in the Adelaide Hills. Jim’s Antennas using local knowledge and experience ensuring you get a solid installation that will stand up to the local elements.

Ph 131 546

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Wall mounting speakers, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces, not only optimises sound quality and experience, but also protects your speaker system from pets and children. To help you navigate the ins and outs of mounting outdoor we’ve made a simple, easy to follow, how-to video to help you get started. Click the video […]

Jeff & Katie from Jim’s Antennas Hervey Bay supports charity golf day. Tensions were high as the boys took to the course, hoping to do the Jim’s group proud. A stand out of the group was a local junior member, keen to show off his skills. Jeff willingly gave up his spot on the team […]

Do you ever wish you could view your TV from any angle? Is the most comfortable spot on your couch, the worst for your eyes? Or perhaps its a sunny day, and the blinds are down, but you still can’t seem to get rid of that irritating glare on your TV screen. If this sounds […]

Jim’s Antennas Byford helped a client having reception issues in Jarrahdale with their current Antenna setup. The clients old amplifier was faulty and the location was incorrect as it was too close to the trees which blocked the signal. The clients existing antenna, which was still working well, was relocated onto a sturdier mast due […]

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