Antenna Storm Damage Brisbane

Every year South East Queensland experiences summer storms that bring with them extensive property damage.

From Ipswich to the Bay and all across the south Brisbane and North Brisbane suburbs Jim’s Antennas are busy every year replacing and repairing storm damaged antennas.

Preventative maintenance can reduce this problem though. As shown in this picture the wires holding this mast up had rusted over the years and should have been replaced long ago. However the warning signs were missed and the cable snapped in this years first storm. This damaged the roof tiles as well as the masting.

tv antenna cable



Due to changes in technology this antenna and mast were able to be upgraded to a high gain digital only antenna with a 4′ mast, eliminating the need for the extended mast and guy wires which will make the installation more secure in future storms.

Jim’s Antennas are also approved by most insurance companies for providing written quotes for storm damage claims. Call 131 546 or book your free quote online now!

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