Do you have an antenna in your roof space? Jim’s Antennas Everton Park advises why this is not ideal for quality TV reception

Every week Chris from Jim’s Antennas Everton Park is called to houses that are having reception issues. Chris has identified the cause of most of these problems as being due to the antenna installed inside the roof space.

Digital TV reception struggles with this sort of installation as the antenna really needs to have clear line of sight to the transmission towers. Really this has always been the case – even with analog TV transmission. The owners of this home in Everton Hills have for years been watching a grainy analog TV picture because the roof structure was interfering with the signal.

This became even more prevalent when it rained as the water increased the density of the tiles and added another surface layer for the signal to have to pass through. In this case Chris installed a new digital antenna onto a tile roof tripod mount. Now the owners enjoy perfect TV reception. Chris is an experienced technician operating in and around the Brisbane area.

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