Something Worth Crowing About

Imagine losing digital reception right in the middle of the latest release of a Game of Thrones episode! Luckily one customer managed to keep himself off the internet while he waited because otherwise he would have been busy reading the spoilers most people were posting all over Facebook.

The unlucky Game of Thrones fan turned lucky when he contacted Shane from Jim’s antennas in Wynn Vale after he lost complete digital reception at his house, at the worst possible time.

Upon inspection of their antenna which was on top of their two story unit, Shane discovered that the cable had been eaten away by some friendly residents. The residents who use the antenna as a place of congregation, rest and for scenic advantage were some cheeky local birds.

Not your usual neighbourly annoyance, Shane said that the birds weren’t sticking with the Game of Thrones theme, and rather than being crows, ravens or little birds they were likely a bigger bird like a cockatoo.

Once Shane installed new cable correctly and added some bird proofing on the antenna, reception was restored and the customer won’t have to battle the birds, or deal with lost reception mid-episode, ever again.

Due to Shane’s bird proofing of the cable, this customer won’t have to continue fighting a losing battle with the local birdlife. The original antenna on the property had not been installed by a professional, so the cable had been left exposed and ready for the taking by hungry, or bored beaks that spend a lot of their time using the antenna to gain their bird’s eye view of Wynn Vale.

Our process for stopping birds from chewing on antenna cabling is 100% cruelty free and is actually a win-win. Digestion of cabling by birds could be harmful, so keeping them away from cabling is the best defence for you and for the birds. Plus birds are strongly protected by laws and regulations and most people enjoy their company when they are not stopping you from watching TV, and do not want any bird control, especially if it is lethal.

Large birds like cockatoos can also cause movement of the antenna itself which results in poor reception and the antenna requiring adjustment. In the case of such problems Jim’s Antenna’s can attend to your property, adjust your antenna and assist with keeping feathery friends away for good.

If you suspect your antenna cabling is under threat by some of your more flighty neighbours then Jim’s Antenna’s can help you take a preventative approach to antenna maintenance.

Most cases can be solved with the same process Shane executed- a quick diagnosis and repair to restore digital reception and no birds harmed in the process- now that’s something to crow about!

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