Installing Antennas for Caravans

Customers are often surprised when they find out Jim’s Antennas technicians can also help with antenna installations for caravans.

I was recently called out to a job at a caravan park.
The customer was sick of the poor reception he was getting with his wind guard antenna.

As part of our regular training, we were informed that the Saturn antennas were far superior, and knew that it would be a far better choice for this customer’s needs.

As part of our service, I arranged to have a unit delivered to us and did some comparisons. We found the Saturn antenna was indeed far better suited for the job compared to the wind guard. Our tests also showed that these Saturn antennas would also be great on a boat as they are omni-directional.

The Saturn antenna was duly installed, leaving the customer very happy with the quality of the sharp, clear signal they were getting in their caravan.

If you need help installing an antenna on your caravan, call Jim’s Antennas on 131 546 or book online for your free, no-obligation quote.

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