Tennis Club Outdoor Speaker Installation

Jim’s Antennas technicians are very fortunate as we get to work at interesting locations, doing interesting work. Recently, we were approached by my son’s tennis club to see what could be done to replace the old outdoor speakers at the club.

In this instance, the speaker needs to be able to endure a wide range of environmental conditions (heat, moisture, rain, cold, etc.) as well as maintain excellent audio quality across these extreme conditions.

With the help of one of Jim’s Antennas preferred suppliers, we were able to supply and install 3 outdoor ‘horn’ speakers. The job included running cables, installing the speakers, and testing them. Overall a great result.

Since Mackay & District Tennis Club is a not for profit organisation, we supplied the speakers at my cost and donated the labour to install them.

As a Jim’s Antennas locally owned franchise, we believe that it’s important to put back into the community. Especially organisations which promote good health & fitness for young people.

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