Having issues getting the new Freeview Channels?

As you may now be aware a number of new channels have been added to the 7 and 9 networks such as 7 Flicks and 9 Life. The broadcasters have changed the signal type for these “ new “ channels to Mpeg4 and many older TVs are not able to decode this signal type.

Please note- a few models of Panasonic TVs have the facility to add Mpeg4 and AVC audio signals , thus allowing you to retune your TV to include these otherwise missing signals.

Please follow the steps shown in the above photos.

Other TVs do not have this facility .

If you do not have one of these TVs or have trouble re-tuning your TV you may require one of our technicians to come and offer some advice on how to overcome the problem.

Please call Jim’s Antennas on 131 546 for prompt service and professional advice or simply book your free quote online now!

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