Jim’s Antennas: Masters of Cable Disguise

With a current spate of home renovation shows taking over our televisions at night, it’s hard not to start to question the state of your own home. The before and after footage, from dumps to modern masterpieces is certain to send any viewer into a flurry of home improvement planning and sometimes even despair.

While there are things we will likely never do, like iron the quilt cover or build a bed head from timber crates, no one could be criticized for looking at these magazine ready homes and negatively comparing their own abode.

Simple things like “where do the hide the ugly must haves like power boards, extension leads and clothes drying racks?” are sure to run through minds. Or “how do they get the bathroom floors to stay so white when I can’t even get the kids to hang up their towels?” As with many things in life, it’s that constant battle between dreams and reality.

While as an antenna company we might not be able to help you with the best techniques for ironing a quilt cover or where to hide a power-board, we can help when it comes to keeping ugly antenna cables from making an eye sore.

At Jims Antennas we often come across new cabling requirements for older homes with solid walls and no cavities to conceal the cable. You may well live in a similar, older style home and wonder how the home improvement shows have managed to effectively conceal cables in homes of the same age and build.

While a quick Google or look on Pinterest (if that is your favourite place to lose time) will find you many different ways to creatively disguise cables and wires, we think Shane from Jim’s Antennas in Wynn Vale does the best job we have seen (and no, he doesn’t make a habit of losing himself hours on Pinterest).

Shane has earned a new nickname as the ‘Master of Cable Disguise’ because he always uses conduit to conceal and protect the cable for a neat and professional finish. The conduit not only secures the cable but can also be painted to blend in with the rest of the home and conceal it even more.

Messy cables won’t just ruin the look of your house; they can also be a hazard to children and pets, so always make sure they are secured properly to prevent any unforeseen electrical wiring mishaps. It may sound a bit like overkill but it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to electrical.

Say goodbye to tangled, mangled cords and cables once you witness Shane’s nifty trick and follow his antenna lead! If you want your home to rival that of the after product on a home reno show then contact Jim’s Antennas to perform the master of disguise on your cables.

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