Great Customer Service Builds A Great Business

Jim’s Antennas Hillarys – Tony Moreton has one of Perth most experienced Antenna Installers.

Tony has seen it all along the coastal suburbs of Perth all the way to the hills and he has been looking after Jim’s Antennas customers for over 12 years.
In that time he has built a terrific business for himself and family as well as built some great customer relationships.

This photo shows a recent Black Arrow TV Antenna installation in Burns Beach in Perth’s northern suburbs and in the back ground you can see has installed another for a previous client.

This is clear testament to when a great local business really looks after their customers the word of mouth advertising can ensure another customer gets a great experience and the local clients have a great local Jim’s Antennas team member looking after them.

Tony has served around 5000 customers since being a team member with Jim’s Antennas and has a measured complaint rate of 0%. Great customer service is still important at Jim’s Antennas.

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